The Laundry / Prádelna

PRÁDELNA: bringing local life back into over-touristed Český Krumlov.

  • Open multifunctional space for activities, ideas and events.
  • The Laundry is not precisely defined by its interior and does not have a clearly defined purpose. It allows you to be flexible and open to different actors and adapt to changing demand.
  • for locals: public space under the roof – our clubhouse
  • for visitors: a place where they can become part of events outside the tourism industry and experience something authentic

Český Krumlov, a picturesque South Bohemian town, is a must-see for every visitor to the Czech Republic. However, the steady stream of tourists has put a heavy strain on the daily life of its inhabitants. The result is that locals have moved out of the historic center, which sometimes feels like a museum for tourists to take selfies.

Our collective aims to breathe life back into our town, so we have reclaimed and continue to refurbish one of the last vacant buildings — the former industrial laundry (prádelna). Last year, Prádelna hosted 52 exciting events, and it is now a permanent beacon in Český Krumlov’s cultural landscape, attracting locals and visitors alike.

We encourage individuals, organizations, and groups to use this non-profit, multipurpose space to host concerts, film screenings, art installations, workshops, private gatherings, and club meetings. Check our calendar for open dates. 

If you’re interested in hosting an event, please email us at: